Want to Reach Your Goals? Set Smaller Ones – Ascent Pub

Dream big but act small.

I am a go-getter and a goal-setter.

I just work best and am happiest when I am working towards something. This could be professional, personal, you name it. Usually I am working on achieving multiple goals at once.

I recently had a friend ask me how I did it. How I juggled so many things at once and how I managed to reach many of my goals successfully.

I thought about it for a moment and then I had to admit: there’s really no secret. It’s not that I am a superhuman genius who works on these giant, life-changing goals 24/7.

Actually, it’s the opposite. I’m just a person who knows what she wants and is willing to do some work to get there. But I’m also an opportunist. I regularly evaluate ROI when it comes to setting goals and making decisions about how to reach them.

But the best reason I could give for successfully achieving my goals is that my goals are achievable. It’s that simple.

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