October 2018 Wrap Up

Here’s the October 2018 Wrap Up!

Autumn is in full swing here in Wisconsin. It’s getting colder and darker but I’m curling up with great books. Reading by a fire is such a pleasure and I am planning on doing as much of it as I can.

I had a busy October and didn’t get as much actual reading and writing done as I wanted to; hope yours was more productive!

I read four books:

I listened to:

I wrote two reviews:

I also posted:

So there’s the October 2018 Wrap Up – Here’s a look ahead to November!

Books in progress:

Tentative TBR:

Tentative TBW:


The October 2018 Wrap Up is complete! What are your November reading and writing plans??


October 2018 Wrap Up round up



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28 thoughts on “October 2018 Wrap Up

  1. I have few (read many ) books on my TBR. I’m planning to read screenplays of films this month. Next year, will be more of reading and less writing.

    1. Good question! Last month, the Womxn in Music bib took me the longest. And the monthly New Reads I collect over time, so I guess those take a while too. BUT if you want to know what is most difficult for me or what I hem and haw over? It’s the reviews for sure. I want my reviews a certain way so I do labor over those the most, emotionally, mentally, etc.

  2. Hey Karla! You had a great month! I am reading a slew of indie authors that I have been wanting to get to all year. It’s fun to check in with the little authors who do all the marketing themselves and try to support them in their writing efforts. I’ve also made some changes on my blog to make things easier for me. ❤️

    1. I’m glad you asked! Ubuntu is an African tradition which essentially means, “I am, because we are.” I first heard about it in my travels to Southern Africa but ran across this book by Shola Richards who applies ubuntu as a framework for work and career. Richards is focused on positivity; his work is really accessible and offers some great practical strategies for success. Check it out if you like self-help or professional development type books. http://thepositivitysolution.com/go-together/

  3. Ah, I love reading by the fire! I once rented an apartment in Brooklyn that was overpriced and had all sorts of problems, but I was purely attracted by the fireplace and the armchair nearby. That was almost 20 years ago, and I haven’t had a fireplace since. So your November plans sound wonderful to me!

  4. Excellent book month for you! This November I’ve read lots of picture books (studying them in hopes of learning how the few words and illustrations work together in hopes that someday I have my own book published) and am reading both middle grade and YA, some even for review from the authors. Hope your November is going well! Happy Thanksgiving!

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