September 2018 Wrap Up

It’s the September 2018 Wrap Up – how in the world am I writing this already?! I swear I just wrote the one for August. Don’t get old, kids, the time goes way too fast!

So here’s what I packed into September and what I’m looking forward to in October.

I read six books:

I am (still) listening to one audiobook, Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi.

I wrote two reviews:

I also posted:

September’s book haul:

I’ve been writing a lot this month and just finished an essay that I hope will be accepted for publication in an upcoming ebook. I’ve been watching Mayans MC, Narcos, and re-watching all of the American Horror Stories seasons. I’m also taking Spanish lessons. I never knew how well I knew French until I started trying to learn Spanish!

There’s the September 2018 Wrap Up – and here’s a look ahead to October!

Books in progress:




Hope you enjoyed my September 2018 Wrap up! What are your October reading and writing plans??

September 2018 Wrap Up Round Up


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33 thoughts on “September 2018 Wrap Up

    1. Yeah it’s been super fun, my partner and I are doing it together, once a week. I have to say I am also learning a lot of Spanish from watching Narcos… very different words though. lol

  1. Great wrap up. Apart from some blog tours, I am going with the flow at the moment and reading what draws me.

  2. Everyone I know has loved and has only praises for Children of Blood and Bone. So I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it.

  3. I have to agree, the older I get, time goes by so fast. I haven’t read any of these books, I do enjoy visiting your blog because I always seem to add a new author to my list to read. Enjoy your day!

  4. “I never knew how well I knew French until I started trying to learn Spanish!” -> heh, yeah, that’s a thing! When I was learning Italian, our teacher always knew which of us had studied French 😛

    I don’t know 99% of those books, but it looks like a super-productive month!

    1. It’s so funny and a little frustrating – I always want to answer in French! The words are so similar which is helpful but my first response is often in French! lol

  5. Great wrap up I think I only read three or four books last month I’ve been having some health problems back in September which I still do feel that good this month but I am really hoping I can read more than four book this month. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  6. Great month for you! Learning Spanish sounds fun. I’m dabbling in bits of Japanese. I still haven’t read Children of Blood and Bone, but it’s on my birthday wish list. I hope your essay was accepted for publication. I’m brainstorming ideas for my writing goals this month.

    1. Spanish is hard enough for me – can’t imagine Japanese! Hope you get Children of Blood and Bone for your birthday; I really enjoyed it. Happy birthday!

  7. This sounds like a good month’s reading, Karla! I’m looking forward to your review of Washington Black—I enjoyed Esi Edugyan’s Half Blood Blues and am planning to read this one at some point. Hope you’re enjoying October’s books 🙂 Happy to have discovered your blog!

    1. Thanks, Andrew! I really liked Washington Black but unfortunately am behind on my reviewing! Should be coming soon though. I am excited to take a look at your blog as well – glad you came by!

  8. Good luck with your Spanish learning. I think one of the most difficult things for me when I started learning it was that I would mix up my French and Spanish words all the time. Took me a while to get my brain to separate them.

  9. Isn’t it funny what our brains know, yet we don’t realize we know lol. I hope you have a lot of fun taking Spanish! I took 4 years wayyyyyy back in the day in HS and I’m shocked that I still remember what I do from then. 🙂

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