The Nix by Nathan Hill

What I’m Reading – 8 Jan 2018

It was hard to get away from news about Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes last night and her possible interest in running for president, but I managed it! Here’s what I’m reading today:

I’m still making my way through Call Me By Your Name and Homegoing – although I should specify that I am listening to Homegoing on my massive commute each day.

I do enjoy a good narrator for an audiobook. Homegoing is narrated by Dominic Hoffman who does an excellent job changing his voice a bit depending on the character. He has a deep, commanding voice. I also enjoyed Ari Fliakos, who narrated The Nix. Just the way he read it made it funny.

What about that Casey Affleck? While we know he has troubles keeping his hands to himself, he also is no good at book reading. He took The Jungle, an otherwise already gross book, and made it much, much worse. His pronunciations are a bit lacking.

What are your favorite audiobooks?

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