I’m a librarian, freelance writer, book reviewer, and historian dedicated to using libraries and information for the empowerment of women and girls around the world. Queer, feminist, and trans-inclusive, I’m a giant book nerd who’s continuously sharpening my disruptive skills as an anti-oppression accomplice in service to others.

I write regular columns for Ms. Magazine, including “Ms. Feminist Know-It-All” online, and “Bookmarks” in the print publication. I have articles, book reviews, and interviews published and forthcoming in Pulp MagazineMs.; ONEPIN; The StartupFearless, She Wrote; The Startup; Invisible Illness; Library Management; Canadian Journal of History; Resources for Gender and Women’s Studies: A Feminist Review; and Journal of American History. See my About and Writing pages for more information.

Grace and Biscuit

Highly driven and focused on smashing goals, I still carve out time to travel; hang out with my girls (see the photo); binge old episodes of Survivor; and drink mules. An open book, I deal with persistent depression and anxiety, wicked periods and anemia, and bouts of imposter syndrome, but I manage to be positive and hilarious much of the time. I prefer animals to people, am an outgoing introvert, and have a killer record collection.