Thank you for your interest in having me review your book!

I am currently accepting new items for review but I need to be selective due to the volume of requests and reviews already lined up.

Please read this policy thoroughly before requesting a review.

What I review:

  • Only books written or edited by women, including trans women and other non-binary, genderqueer or gender nonconforming authors.
  • Fiction or nonfiction, adult or YA (see genres below).
  • Writers, characters, and topics from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented and/or underserved communities are preferred. This includes, but is not limited to, Black women and women of color; women from the Global South; lesbian, bi, queer, or asexual women; trans women; intersex individuals; women with disabilities; women from rural communities; women living in poverty; single mothers; fat women; justice-involved women.
  • Resilient, strong women or girls as lead characters or subjects are preferred.
  • Titles from indie publishers are encouraged; self-published titles will be considered as long as they have been professionally edited.
  • Debut titles are encouraged!
  • Please note that I regularly review titles for a journal published via my office, Resources for Gender and Women’s Studies: A Feminist Review. There may be times where your book may be a better fit for Resources; I will let you know this upon receipt of your request.

Preferred genres:

  • Literary and genre fiction including contemporary, historical, speculative, thrillers/horror, graphic novels
  • Nonfiction including gender and women’s studies; women’s history; biographies; current events; LGBT/queer topics; spirituality (think: Buddhism, mindfulness); leadership; women’s and girls’ development, education, or empowerment

What I don’t review:

  • Romance, westerns, mysteries, self-help, Christian, poetry, literary criticism, Manga
  • Children’s literature, picture books
  • Self-published books that have not been professionally edited

Formats: I prefer physical copies (finished or ARCs) but am happy to accept e-books for Kindle or audiobooks.

In your request, please include:

  • Book title, author, and genre.
  • Brief synopsis (no spoilers!).
  • Publisher information. If self-published, please indicate who has edited your work.
  • Book cover if available.
  • Release date.
  • Any review timeline preference.
  • Links to Goodreads, Amazon, author website, publisher website, or other.
  • Other relevant information that would explain why you think I would be a good reviewer for this title.

What  you can expect:

  • All reviews contain my own opinions and are written honestly, respectfully, and constructively. Most of my reviews contain both positive and negative elements.
  • The review will include the book cover, title, author, pages, series (where applicable), publisher, and release date.
  • Also included will be a variety of links such as author page or interviews, publisher page, booksellers, or other reviews.
  • Reviews will be thoroughly researched, reflectively written, and meticulously edited.
  • We will be in communication throughout the process.
  • Reviews will be posted on my website, and usually on Goodreads, Amazon, and NetGalley (as applicable). I advertise my reviews on Twitter and Facebook.

Other available services:

  • Author interviews.
  • Contributing articles to your blog or site.
  • Sensitivity reading (contact me for fees).
  • Proofreading and editing (contact me for fees).
  • I am VERY selective about accepting guest posts on my site (I have yet to actually accept one); spammy, form letter requests will be deleted without reply.

The fine print:

  • By sending a review request to me, you are acknowledging that my review may be negative or contain negative elements.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any request for any reason.
  • Your sending and/or my receiving your book does not guarantee that I will read and review it immediately (or at all). I try my best to read and review books promptly but there are simply more books than I can review. Under most circumstances, we will agree on a tentative timeline for review completion.

Please complete the contact form or email me at karlajstrand at gmail dot com with any questions or to request a review.