Currently the Gender & Women’s Studies Librarian for the University of Wisconsin System, I serve the State of Wisconsin and beyond. One of the premier resources for support of gender and women’s studies scholarship and librarianship, the Office of the GWS Librarian has provided superior research and information services to scholars, faculty, students, and citizens throughout the world since 1977. I am pleased to provide bibliographic and curriculum support, inter-institutional cooperation, information curation and sharing, and advocacy related to the field of women’s and gender studies, LGBTQ studies, and to gender-focused scholarship in the traditional disciplines. Please visit our webpage for more information.

But I swear I’m not all work (mostly), I’m just lucky enough to have a career that intersects perfectly with my actual life. All the parts of my life are quite intermingled… just how I like it. I love all the stuff you love: travel, reading, music, film, hiking, backpacking, animals, etc etc. Besides the usual, I’m an outgoing introvert, an HSP, INFJ, believer in the Law of Attraction, and an amateur Buddhist.  I have no tattoos and I loathe the mall. My favorite places in the world thus far are South Africa and southern Utah.